Wednesday, 25 October 2017

It's Skin Power 10 Formula Propolis

My forehead is always full of small not obvious pimple, in fact, if you are looking for a acne or pimple cure product, then this might be effective for you! The second day I using this product I already can see changes! I never felt my forehead so smooth before, yes, completely without any pimple.
They claim this does brightening or tighten your pores or wrinkle care, but I do not notice any effect, maybe just because I only used this for few days.
However, if you have very big pimple, then this might not be the solution for you. I had never felt my face so smooth before! It does absorbs fast. I had grab two bottle, as one bottle is very fast to finish.
The scent is light but smells like something not edible.
Normally, their price are around 10 USD, but in Cosmetic-Love you can get at 8 USD.
(I got at the 0.81 USD price, I think they doing promotion clearing old stock or just simply type the wrong price :p I worried they might gave me expired product, but they send me a fresh product which produce from may 2017!)

Overall, I did like to try other Power 10 Formula effector!
So far all pimple on my face had gone (forehead, nose, chin, mouth area) except one big pimple on cheek :/

*I had tried using etude house AC care wash foam toner and lotion, and other not famous skin care product, but, its useless and sometimes really dry my skin. This product made my skin smooth, that in fact the second day I using this I already can see changes on my face, its so good that I hurry made a review, (normally I review a product after months I had use)

这个对我来说, 真的是神药。只要我青春痘一出,就抹,隔天就会变小了~

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