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How to spot fake April Skin Cushion 1.0 (Old version)

In my old post, I had wrote a review about April Skin Cushion and how to spot their fakes one. So, I would like to rearrange about it. 

This is the real authentic april skin magic snow cushion from

Compare your cushion with my pictures.
After you realized it fake or real, then you can skip those shit I wrote below.
The outside cover packaging is not very plastic, something like matte. 
It should come with a seal, but I had already removed.
It has double layer of sponge inside, that's why it will look curvy, and it really was high quality.
 The design and the material for the package I would give a 4.5/5 rating, but the foundation wasnt suitable for me I think :( I choosed the #22 Pink Beige shade, and it was pale for me. The coverage was good, but I felt it was too heavy for my skin, greyish. My friend who used the same cushion got judge for applying flour on her face. So, even they had released their 2.0 cushion, I would not buy. :s (stick to bb creams)

How to check my april skin 2.0 cushion was fake or real? click HERE
Thanks to Anna M-S who commented the link!

Now: how to check if my april skin cushion 1.0 was fake?
The purpose I write a new post was because in the old post:
1.) Some fake seller come to my post and stated mine was fake. (Because my post was the top search in google if you typed 'april skin fake cushion', even if you click in the second one the girl was with a replicas too, and I'm spoiling their business :P)

2.) Some fake sellers try to get my phone number by saying mine was fake, then gave his own phone number to contact him, thinking that I'm stupid enough to contact him (which will expose my phone number, god knows what if he will blackmail and keep calling me xD)

3.) I'm very surprise that, after 2 years, the fake one got closer looks to the real one. (which makes some readers start to doubt if mine was real or fake)

4.) Someone asked if it was a newer version of 1.0 ? answer: joke.
Do you know, if you wanted to change a product packaging, it would cost so much, and, why the 'latest packaging' you mean, quality was worse than the original one? The logo was printed uglier, someone said there was new packaging in may-june, but until september april skin finally officially stated a latest 2.0 packaging. 

and for those fake sellers: 
People come for the april skin cushion, not for your cheap replicas, and you even charge them with high prices! I'm sure the cheapest one you got was around 8 USD but you sold at 21 USD. (official site 26 USD) stfu im just here writing about my honest-than-you-review. 

 To check whether it was authentic, firstly, we check from outside. 

Use your ruler to measure.

Next, we move to the cushion logo.
From the real one, you can see the solution from nature worlds are NOT BOLD, and the logo itself was closer to the left side.
fake below

These both in hand are the fake one, you can compare with my authentic one above, you can notice easily that the logos are more center. (This is probably the most easy way to check if it was real by the logo)

Next, the 'authentic sticker'. This is the real one above^, the real one has the site at the left side of the sticker, while (below fake)
^fake one^ does not have the site

above ^ this was also one of the original package. It was the first batch product from korea, so i dont think other country could get this design. 

1.) without something protruding
2.) your cushion should look like this
3.) it was a curve shape, not in a smaller curve
4.) the real one has something protruding here 
5.) and, I forgot to circle, as you can see in the mirror, that place should be in white-transparency plastic, not black.

compare to the real one, you can see, 
1.) there shouldn't be something protruding out
2.) should be a longer curve line
4.) should be something protruding out
5.) There should something white or plastic around there
3.) a smaller curve! fake!
^fake^ you can easily spotted the plastic was very cheap. (dont trust everything with seal. heh.)

TesterKorea is a 100% authentic korean site which sell cosmetics and beauty items, I trusted them 100%. 
If anyone said my cushion was fake again, means you are indirectly accusing they are selling fake items.
for fake sellers who said my cushion was replicas: i hope ur ass boom

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