Saturday, 11 February 2017

Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse mask review

I bought this at 16 USD, 70 MYR.
I dont think you can easily find this on korea beauty online shop because this is a spray product.
I bought this because the container one is dryer than this, and hard to scope out, will get into our nails. This mousse spread evenly on your face.
After using this since last September at least once a week, I say....
After using this, my face is lesser oily than before, I use this AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. This product really needs to use lukewarm water to wash off, if not it will be really hard to wash it. After using, my ance become lessly because my face is less oily. My face now has 0 zero black pore, but still have abit small white pore. This product can use 6 months if you use once a week. (One spray is enough to cover whole face)  You can try doing twice a week too. This product is really hard to wash off. And now I learnt something new: those sheet mask are useless, those mask which are thicker and comes with container are 100% more efficient, cheap, and useful. 
After use : no more black pore (still have a bit white pore), less oily forehead even I had bangs, tighten my pore (less visible) 

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