Saturday, 7 January 2017

The SAEM Cover perfection Tip concealer review

 This product comes with sunscreen :D I bought at 4 USD  MYR 18.

 This is the natural beige colour

 Tip of the concealer.

 Couldnt really cover well, and looks cakey.
I try to cover my ance, but it looks cakey.
Overall, I dint use this product much. Because after applied it looks cakey and dry. It couldnt blend well with my BB cream. I dont know why this is on top list to buy. I saw review from taiwan's page, they also stated that its cakey and dry.
Missha's concealer tip is more water and moisture, but it couldnt last long, and etude's big cover concealer tip could last longer. So etude win! ♕
However, their liquid perfection concealer was better than this one, if you want to try their concealer, why not trying their liquid one? their liquid one are not cakey or drying.

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