Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Korean Cosmetic with cheaper price!

Korean cosmetic are 'cheap' for some country like US / UK.
But for some country, they are not affordable because of the postage.
I discovered a cheaper way to get those cosmetic / day care product in cheaper price!
Pros: The price is junk cheap. 100% Authentic, no risk, cheaper postage.
Cons: No container, limited choices, once open you need to keep it safely, because it is just only sample package.

okay, let me explain how to:
lets compare the price

lets see. this price with container, 30g, 12 USD.
this is the sample. if you want to buy the same G with the original one, that means 2 USD  x 3 = 6USD. with 6 usd you can get this BB!!

Not only etude, you can find alot of brand like SK-II sulwahsoo missha innisfree and alot of samples here with cheaper price!!!!
Good site if you want to buy sulwhasoo products.
and they got outlet
go to this site:

the price is really low compare other store, and they have discounted price.


  1. althea vs testerkorea, which one is more affordable?

    1. I can't give you a sure 100% answer, because sometimes Althea is cheaper, but sometimes TK is cheaper. BUT. I found that TK has more choices then Althea. Now Althea has event stating that orders above 23 USD free shipping.