Saturday, 7 January 2017

KATE Trap impact eyes shadow review

I bought this at Japan Christmas, at 1030 YEN, about MYR 30-40.
But if you buy this at malaysia, it cost about MYR 60 HAHA.
They also have other shades, but im looking for a natural shade.

 All the colour have glitter in it.
 I had use for a few times, dont mind the messy part. The brush with it was really nice to use.
 This is what it looks like after I applied with fingers one time.
 This is I apply the second time with the brush which comes with it.
 This eyeshadow is not really big, small and handy enough to fit in the makeup pouch.
 I had already threw away the box, it give instruction with , 
apply the light shadow on top first, then the medium colour on your eye crease, the deep colour under your eye lid. 
under trap shadow:
apply the left light colour at inner corner, then the right colour on lower lashline.

The brush comes along really help to apply more obvious colour. However, the glitter is really hard to clean and wipe off. After hours, the glitter will drop around the cheek area.This eye shadow really last long. It looks really noble with the under trap shadow.
This product dint disappoint me.
If you looking for an elegant eye shadow, I recommend you this.
UPDATE 2018: After using for a long time, I realized this eyeshadow would 'transfer', especially the darkest shade, however both the under trap shadow was perfect to do under eye.

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