Saturday, 7 January 2017

Holika Holika NAKED FACE balancing primer review

 Few months ago, I had bought this Holika Holika Naked Face Balancing Primer from TesterKorea at price RM 60 (inlcude postage and tax) USD 13.
 I though it was big, but not really until I hand it haha.
A multi-color balancing primer that improves your
complextion with a special formula using the three
-colored,petal-shaped blending method.


During the first step of make-up,pump the product
once or twice and mix the product well to blend the
three colors. Apply the product evenly from the center
to the outer part of your face.

  1. This is what it looks like inside 

 Soon after few pump, inside would look like this.

 Each pump would give you different colour.
It really:
moist up your skin
whiten up and balance your skin colour
but, : cons
abit oily for my skin, my makeup doesnt last long
not suitable for hot weather
I dont really like the smell. It smells weird like chemical.

Left is without, right is after applied.

Overall, :
I dont suggest you to buy this product if you are living in a hot weather country or if you have a oily skin type. 
It really will whiten your skin colour, and works on those red skin.
It couldn't cover dark eye circle.
It dint make my makeup last long.
I wouldn't really recommend. Looking for a better one. 
Doesn't recommend if you live in a hot weather country.

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