Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Korean Cosmetic with cheaper price!

Korean cosmetic are 'cheap' for some country like US / UK.
But for some country, they are not affordable because of the postage.
I discovered a cheaper way to get those cosmetic / day care product in cheaper price!
Pros: The price is junk cheap. 100% Authentic, no risk, cheaper postage.
Cons: No container, limited choices, once open you need to keep it safely, because it is just only sample package.

okay, let me explain how to:
lets compare the price

lets see. this price with container, 30g, 12 USD.
this is the sample. if you want to buy the same G with the original one, that means 2 USD  x 3 = 6USD. with 6 usd you can get this BB!!

Not only etude, you can find alot of brand like SK-II sulwahsoo missha innisfree and alot of samples here with cheaper price!!!!
Good site if you want to buy sulwhasoo products.
and they got outlet
go to this site:

the price is really low compare other store, and they have discounted price.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

BBIA Last Auto Gel Eyeliner review

I bought this BBIA Last Auto Gel Eyeliner at testerkorea at 5 USD EACH.
This product is really popular, because it is cheap, last long, and nice to use from what I heard.

 It really looks like a pen. Even if you put in your pencilbox, none will notice.

 Black is Noir, without glitter, Angel with glitter. 
 It comes with a sharpener at the end of the pen.
 Just use it like a sharpenerrr.
 The NOIR was really black, and the angel is a really nice colour to use at under eye :D
 After wiping three times with cleansing tissue.
After rubbing roughly with cleansing tissue, it still stays abit.

Although I heard really good reviews from many, but when I applied on my eyes, angel color still fade abit after hours and the black one smudge, making my eyes looks like a panda. My eyes are oily. I wouldnt repurchase this product again, maybe not suitable for me D: 
However, water couldnt easily wipe off this product, it took me really long time to totally wipe off from eye.
The Angel 40 color staying power isnt so well.

TONY MOLY New Crystal Lovely Eyes review

 I bought this from TesterKorea, which cost me at 3.3 USD, around 15 MYR.
te. I choosed the white beam shade. It looks really white.
 The cushion~
Left one : cushion 
Right one: pen
The cushion looks really natural if applied on eyes.
It easily wipe off with the cleanser, but not water.
After three hours outdoor, it still stays there, did not totally fade out.

The SAEM Cover perfection Tip concealer review

 This product comes with sunscreen :D I bought at 4 USD  MYR 18.

 This is the natural beige colour

 Tip of the concealer.

 Couldnt really cover well, and looks cakey.
I try to cover my ance, but it looks cakey.
Overall, I dint use this product much. Because after applied it looks cakey and dry. It couldnt blend well with my BB cream. I dont know why this is on top list to buy. I saw review from taiwan's page, they also stated that its cakey and dry.
Missha's concealer tip is more water and moisture, but it couldnt last long, and etude's big cover concealer tip could last longer. So etude win! ♕
However, their liquid perfection concealer was better than this one, if you want to try their concealer, why not trying their liquid one? their liquid one are not cakey or drying.

Etude house big cover concealer tip beige review

 So I bought this at local Etude house. Cost me MYR 47, which the original price at other place is 35 MYR -__- (This is why recently there are less people going to buy in Etude house. I heard from people around talking their product is just nice of packing, but not really nice to use and over cost.)
However, I did research on this and saw good reviews about it.

I choose the Beige colour. There is only two shade available, which is sand and beige. I still prefer tip concealer, because it looks more natural. (hate the stupid shopkeeper trying to intro me more expensive stuff -.-)

PARDON my dark eye circle HAHA. 
As you can see, left side is after I applied one times, and right side is clean face. 

 I bet it can use many times. Abit of amount is enough to cover the flaws.
I would repurchase this product! It really surprise me when I apply it on my eye and saw the results. Even after hours, it is still there, wont make me panda eye. The big cover concealer kit also stays long, but dry abit. NOW, I prefer this more than Missha's cover conealer tip.
This tip concealer really did a good job.


KATE Trap impact eyes shadow review

I bought this at Japan Christmas, at 1030 YEN, about MYR 30-40.
But if you buy this at malaysia, it cost about MYR 60 HAHA.
They also have other shades, but im looking for a natural shade.

 All the colour have glitter in it.
 I had use for a few times, dont mind the messy part. The brush with it was really nice to use.
 This is what it looks like after I applied with fingers one time.
 This is I apply the second time with the brush which comes with it.
 This eyeshadow is not really big, small and handy enough to fit in the makeup pouch.
 I had already threw away the box, it give instruction with , 
apply the light shadow on top first, then the medium colour on your eye crease, the deep colour under your eye lid. 
under trap shadow:
apply the left light colour at inner corner, then the right colour on lower lashline.

The brush comes along really help to apply more obvious colour. However, the glitter is really hard to clean and wipe off. After hours, the glitter will drop around the cheek area.This eye shadow really last long. It looks really noble with the under trap shadow.
This product dint disappoint me.
If you looking for an elegant eye shadow, I recommend you this.
UPDATE 2018: After using for a long time, I realized this eyeshadow would 'transfer', especially the darkest shade, however both the under trap shadow was perfect to do under eye.

HOLIKAHOLIKA Wonder Drawing 1 Sec. Finish Browcara review

 I had been using these two product for six months. Sorry if you see the right one's tube's is not in its original shape. D:

 I bought 1& 2 shade,which is Natural brown and light brown.
 The brushes
 Although it looks small, but it can use many times.
 My way if how I use it.
 First, take out the excess browcara gel.
 Make sure you also wipe out the shorter brush part.
For me, I prefer to use the shorter brush part to apply on my brow.
 light brown at left, and natural brown at right.
 💜💜💜💜💜 Natural brown.

Overall, I REALLY recommend you to buy this product. I will repurchase when I use finish.
This product is really water proof.
Even after I sweat, the colour is still there.
If you are wondering which colour you should choose, here's my guide.
If you have dark brown hair / natural brown hair without any dye/ under sunlight brown hair,
You can choose : Natural brown

If you have bleach brown hair, really light colour hair, 
You can choose light brown hair.

If you couldn't decide which colour you should choose, or your hair colour is messed up you dont know, I suggest you choose both of them. Apply the lighter colour one first at begin brown, then start on the arch part, apply the darker shade at the end of the brow.

-UPDATE ON 13 SEP 2017------
When this browcara gel are drier (means less product in the tube) IT WAS THE BEST TO USE!
Im still using this, because, my eyebrow look more nice. If you have black brow and want natural fake it, : buy apieu skinny mascara. 

Holika Holika NAKED FACE balancing primer review

 Few months ago, I had bought this Holika Holika Naked Face Balancing Primer from TesterKorea at price RM 60 (inlcude postage and tax) USD 13.
 I though it was big, but not really until I hand it haha.
A multi-color balancing primer that improves your
complextion with a special formula using the three
-colored,petal-shaped blending method.


During the first step of make-up,pump the product
once or twice and mix the product well to blend the
three colors. Apply the product evenly from the center
to the outer part of your face.

  1. This is what it looks like inside 

 Soon after few pump, inside would look like this.

 Each pump would give you different colour.
It really:
moist up your skin
whiten up and balance your skin colour
but, : cons
abit oily for my skin, my makeup doesnt last long
not suitable for hot weather
I dont really like the smell. It smells weird like chemical.

Left is without, right is after applied.

Overall, :
I dont suggest you to buy this product if you are living in a hot weather country or if you have a oily skin type. 
It really will whiten your skin colour, and works on those red skin.
It couldn't cover dark eye circle.
It dint make my makeup last long.
I wouldn't really recommend. Looking for a better one. 
Doesn't recommend if you live in a hot weather country.