Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Recently Facebook keep showing advertisement of a product name 3D NOSE SECRET / NOSE SECRET 3D, which can make your nose pointier. 
Today, I will talk about the pink package which is not authentic and there are a lot of 'Malay' seller advertising this product on facebook. -.-
Most of them sell the price at between RM 30-100, and stated they are from 'Korea'.
But actually you could find it at RM 5-10 at TAOBAO.
Most of the local seller has the pink package. Actually it was from China.
The real authentic one is originally from Korea, which is white package, which cost around RM 200.
This product was first launch around 2013-2014.
Yes, this product can make your nose looks pointer and make your nostril looks better... BUT. Just for a while. Not permanent.

Disadvantage / harm of this product / Kebahayaan mengguna NOSE SECRET 3D
1.) If you do not have a nice nose shape, when you wear it it would looks like a pig nose.
2.) Those who have runny nose / nose problem / sneezing could not use. Because it would become slippy and slip inside your nose. *note that there's already a lot of people who had this product stuck inside their nose and hardly to take out. (Some of them need to go to hospital and scan CT.)
3.) Easy to cause nose bleed.
4.) Easy to make your nostril bigger. Imagine, if there is a thing keep pulling inside your nose to make your nostril 'longer' and looks sharper, hence pulling your skin too. One day, if without the thing, where do the skin go? Do you ever notice anyone if they are fat but thin now, their skin is easier to pull and loose? Either they are muscle or fats, because, when you are fat and have a lot of fats, your fats grow inside, under your skin. In order to keep more fats, your skin surface will stimulate itself and grow wider. But one day without the fats, your skin will remain same size when you are fat. That's why, its the same reason. I can proof you with REAL CUSTOMER REVIEW who have bought this product later.
5.) Easy to stuck inside nose
Can you see? Pulling your skin like this will stimulate your skin to grow wider. But without the thing, what is supporting the skin? AND TBH this picture make the person looks like a pig nose.

:I'm almost crying! What the hell is this, it suddenly slip inside my nose and stuck inside! I do not dare to go to hospital! At first I thought nose bleed was just because not used to it, but after that my nose was more and more pain, keep nose bleed, so I had to call my friend to fetch me to hospital. It was super hard to wear, and after wearing it 20 minutes, it stuck inside my nose! 

-After wearing it my nose looks like pig nose. 
-What kind of rubbish is this! The way of using it is too scary. I almost cant take out from my nose and it was very easy to slip in. Do not recommend to buy! useless
-Look yourself! Cant event wear it. I dont know how the good comments came from, everytime i wear it went inside my nose and nose bleed. Dont buy it! -I already throw it. Rather go to Korea and had plastic surgery.
-The thing was super plastic smelly, waste of money, useless.

-Dangerous, slip inside my nose, not recommend to buy.
-I only can say, if you give it to me, I wouldn't want it. That plastic kind of smell. 
-The thing was super slippy and easy to slip inside nose!
-Cant use at all, after using it my nose become larger and uglier.

-Dont buy, it make my nose become bigger.
-No effect at all.
-Not as good as I think. Wear it awhile and got allergic to it. 
-BAD! my dad says I looks like a stupid donkey.

[Notice the nose area, looks abit red)

-After wearing it I feel like something is inside, not comfortable, pain. Only the nose shape has become sharper.
-I only buy for experiment, but I almost cant take it out, so scary and dangerous! Bought it to buy a lesson, throw it.
-The smaller one keep stuck inside my nose, cant take it out.
-Fake, cant even make my nose looks like picture effect.
-Those good review was fake, please stop buying it and it was super hard to take out!

-I dont want to say anything, just look at the picture ( the nose looks weird o.o, and her face looks painful?)
-I dont know where the good comments came from, after 1 minutes it slip inside and I spent half day to took it out.

-Fake...hard to use...uncomfortable...
-Like ghost. Look like a ghost after using it.
-Useless. My nose looks like almost changing shape.
-Useless, advise everyone dont buy it.
-Super bad, stuck inside my nose and went to hospital to take it out and spent 30 USD.
- Useless, can throw it.
-Not good, cant take it out, make my nose become bigger.

-Normal, not so good, making my nostril looks bigger.
-Plastic, my nose was uncomfortable.
-My nose was uncomfortable and it become red colour.
-Not suitable, looks like a monster after wearing it.
-Super pain! Thrown it.



nampak macam hidung babi dan hodoh selepas memakai and susah diambil keluar, sakit dan berdarah. membuat hidung besar.

My nose is very flat and wide, how do I make it looks nicer?
Answer, dont use your hand to clean your nose blackhead by force, try nose strips instead. 
(this is why my nose become bigger)
Dont always pick your nose. 
Massage your nose bridge everyday would REALLY make your nose bigger.
(I tried, and really!)
However, if you nose and nostril is wide, there is no way to make it smaller and sharper permanently without surgery. 
But, you can stop doing these to avoid to make your nose looks uglier.
 This product I mention above only would made your nose looks uglier, so dont even try to buy 

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