Friday, 11 November 2016

Maybelline the Magnum Volume Express Waterpoof Mascara - Brown

I brought this in watson for MYR 38 or 48 I forgot.
There is brown and black shade.
I did not noticed and took the BROWN SHADE.
I always looking for a natural makeup looks, but I did not know that Brown mascara gives a natural looking eye lashes :D

The brush was abit curve. which make the lashes curve easily
 The shade was dark brown, but shown black in the picture :(

Applied without curling

3-4 coat

2 Coat.So natural :D

When I start to apply for the third coat, it clumped abit.
I try to use mascara base before I applied, it clump. Using it without mascara base was better.

After 4-5 hours, it does not smudge, and still curling :D
However, if i apply too much on my under eye lashes, it smudge abit. 

4.8/5 rating
The brown shade was really natural
Applying only one shade makes the lashes looks so natural like I did not put on any mascara.
I did not like dramatic looks. It was really waterproof :D
I recommend you should also buy a heavier cleanser or mascara cleanser because it was hard to removed :p
I did not find any fake product.

Tips: If you are a high school student, but wanted to wear mascara, 
apply one coat. Then wash ur face / eye with water. It will make ur lashes longer and blacker with natural looking.

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