Friday, 11 November 2016

Etude House: Kissful Lip Care - Peach 키스풀 립케어 (review after using for 1-2 months)

Few months ago I had brought this product for 6.80 USD  / 30 MYR  (Yes, Malaysia's Etude house is more expensive -_-)

You can buy here, at price 3.18 USD at TesterKorea.

If you are looking for a miracle /moisturizing lip balm, you can close the tab and skip this product.

Peach 01 has no colour. It was transparent when applied.
The scent is abit strawberry but peachy.

I applied this before I sleep or before I put on makeup. It doesnt give my lip enough moisture. It was just a normal product.
Not recommended.

They come in three shade, and I has choosed Peach

 Been using for months, and find it quite useless.. :(
I dont find any fake/copy/not authentic product of this. 
(Maybe it wasn't popular :p)
2/5 rating 

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