Sunday, 26 June 2016

Missha Hot Burning Perfect Body Gel Loss Fat product / get rid of fats fatty

Andddd yes, this product works!
But it was burning SOOOOOOOO hard.
works well with exercise
I did research on this product, and I saw other blogger mention this product has cooling effect, but they did not mention any burning like hell.
I bought this for MYR 40
and Malaysia local store at Sunway Pyramid is selling price at MYR 60+ something
The first time I use this product, it was soooooooooooooo ... QAQ T.T
I used my hands to apply, and I'm stupid to wash my hands
*Do not contact with water after apply within one hour* T.T
Then they best way I realize I could apply is: squeeze tear drop size separately on each part , then using the end of tube to wipe it all over the fat part u want to burn.
That's the only way to get less burning experience. 
Don't ever think of applying on sensitive place like faces, and rmb try to avoid area behind the knees.

Im giving the burning rate 4.5/5

Don't use too much.

But it really does work. 
I had used twice per day, for two days and I can see my skin has tighten.
The fragrance was really heavy, some may not like it.
The gel looks like pink/white, and it does moisture my skin.
It stays burning for 30-45 mins (depends on how much you had apply)
Trust me, don't be greedy and apply too much.

update on 2017 august 31
I try apply my thigh, waist, and use a cling wrap, wear a tight leggings, it burn sooooo hard. If you cant stand pain, dont buy this product. I dont really recommend. I doubt other bloggers who wrote ‘cooling effect‘ its not even cooling effect. If you are applying this and exercise and sweat, good luck suffering around 30-40 mins. Im gonna throw away. Sadly I bought two tubes. I think it just burn ur skin then makes ur blood circulation went fast so decrease your water?It doesnt work on stubborn fats.

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