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Too Cool For School Milk Tint 9.5g review 밀크 틴트

Hello! This will be my first review post on my blog. Note that my English language is very horrible and broken so don‘t expect any nice sentences or grammars. :p sorry I'm not showing  my face in this blog.
CONCLUSION: Buy the orange shade!! It's not drying, natural, wont chapped your lips or look thick, wont leave a ring.  Red shade is not suitable if you're not doing full makeup. 
Too Cool For School Milk Tint 9.5g review

They come in 4 shade of colour: - 01 Milky Pink (밀키핑크), 02 Milky Orange (밀키오렌지), 03 Milky Red(New) (밀키레드-신제품), and Milky Lavender 

( I din't buy Milky Lavender)

The packaging was so cuteeeee.

I bought it online for not over 5.20 USD / MYR 20 EACH (include shipping and taxes.)

Sorry for the mess I had used this product before haha
The milky orange shade smells bad, smells like medicine.
The milky pink smellsss so good like strawberry milk.
The milky red shade smells like rose or something haha.
Good thing is this tint was easy to apply, not like other colour water tint would leave my lips a ring after eating or drinking. The colour only faded abit after I ate.

sorry for my hand fur haha
The milky orange shade looks yellow after applying on my hand?
IDK why after applying on my lips I felt abit numb LOL just awhile
Milky orange - natural
Milky pink - pinkish and natural
Milky red - idk why it looks abit dark-pink on my lips

They all look greatt, overall, they are very natural tint, would not leave my lips chapped. (My lips are easy to dry.)
after I wash with water
I gently rub with a cutton swab. The colour just faded abit. gooood

--------------------End of review---------------------

What? You told me you bought the same product with cheaper price under 2.00 USD?
That was fake, not genuine hahahaha.
How to know if I bought fake Too Cool For School Milk Tint / korean cosmetic products.
-Avoid of ''offer, promotion / cheaper price''
-In my country there's a loooooot of fake cosmetic products from china, they were same price as the genuine product. People though they were real and bought it even give a good review. hahahah

Here, you can take the Milk tint you bought or the product's picture you are going to buy online and COMPARE it here.

These are the fake one,  cost around 1.39 USD. MYR 5.53 Pay attention the the red spot I circled it.
<<This is the fake one, has other different shade, it looks same like the real one but the logo wasn't too cool for school.

And this is the real one, the real one wrotes websites address on the back on the product's package. While the fake one din't.
This is the actual size of the genuine products. You can compare with the first picture's red spot I circled.
I notice that the real one don't have a white circle around the cap.

In the genuine product, there's a sentences writing: LONDON NEW YORK under the logo 'too cool for school', while the fake one doesn't have.
But, I had only discover the Milky red one has two different package from Korea. One doesn't mention sites and did not write 'london new york', but another one does.
THINK clearly, it would be WEIRD why the product doesn't mention their site and where they were produced. They just want to hide it.
Always remember: mostly fake products WOULD NOT has a website or mention where they produce the products, and they are alot cheaper.

Thanks for reading :)

Update on 16/6/2016
-I have yellow skin tone and #Pink looks bad on me.
-#Red would leave a ring on lips after hours. My friend thought I have bloody chapped lips.
-#Orange looks good on my lips. I looks so pink but reddish abit, and wont leave obvious dry ring on my lips.
-In my opinion, #Orange is good for daily natural makeup. 
update on 29/8/2016
Orange is really good. If you want to try this, try orange shade instead. It gives a really natural colour 
(note: Im still a college student, in my country wearing too heavy /much makeup will make others look down and some old-minded ppl will think you are slut. I applied this everyday when I go to college. My friends had not notice I had makeup until I told them. Orange is a very natural shade.
(Dye your hair blonde or too colourful or too bright will make those old-minded people think you are a whore or slut in my country.)

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