Monday, 18 April 2016

STYLEKOREAN review :) / haul (style korean)

I discover STYLEKOREAN websites on some threads. I decide to try it because of the clearance and the cheap price :D

I made an order and payment on April 7(Thursday), they shipped the parcel on April 8, and I got it on today (April 18, Monday.)
It took 7 days!

So here's my parcel! :D
I consider it still at good condition lol. Bubble wrappers.

What I don't like is they stated everything I bought on the list.
They seems like charged SO MUCH.
The total items I bought are 0.751 KG, they still charged me for packaging (+200g) = so it's almost 1KG they stated.
shit but however it was fast shipping
The shipping fees are 9.53 USD. (38 MYR)
And here are the items I bought :)
I bought these all for MYR 103 / 27 USD
 Same like TesterKorea, they gave me free samples.
I'm not sure how they got the 'stylenanda' plastic.
Good thing is I've always wanted to try out Missha's BB cream.

The back view of the plastic.
Wow no wonder there's lot of review on those product' comment.
3CE 3 Concept Eyes Fresh Aqua Mist Mini travel size (for dry skin)
I've wanted this for a long time :)
I bought it for 5.06 USD / 20 MYR
However I find other cheaper websites as low as 4 USD
StyleKorean is not selling this anymore.
Banila co Prime Primer Photo Layer Powder - Naked Peach
4.40 USD / 18 MYR
The original price was 23 USD
so i bought it haha ><
3CE 3 Concept Eyes Super Slim Pen Eye Liner - Black
                               -3.16 USD / 13 MYR
The original price is 12.32 USD / 39 MYR
However it was going to expire in 2016 July.
The Face Shop Wonder Skinny body patch x10
I've always wanted to try some body patches.
TEN FOR 1 USD / 3.93 MYR
omg omg :D
The original price is 35.52 USD / 139.61 MYR

Cheapest Price I had found
Fast Shipping
Good event 

Can they dont list out all what I had bought on the parcel?
If the event is over, please remove it. dont give people fake hope

Overall: Stylekorean is good, I would choose to buy their clearance stuff ONLY. Their shipping is pretty fast. Although their price is slightly lower than the other sites, but their shipping fees are overcharged. SO it's still the same. April Skin products are cheaper here.
3CE products here are more expensive than TesterKorea.
Actually one of the reason I decide to try StyleKorean was because they are giving away free Heimish lip palette
It stated, only limited to only100 kits.
I ordered because I thought the event is still going on.
But I did not receive.
If the event is over, please removed it don't place there for weeks and give people fake 'hope'

sooooo TesterKorea is still my favourite sites! :D
I'm still sticking to TesterKorea.
But sadly TK's shipping is slower.
I rather wait longer for cheaper prices.
If you want something from korea, you could request TK on their sites.
Dont try buying on facebook or instagram 什么韩国代购放屁啦。很多都是跟这些网站买了再charge你不贵才怪。不要傻傻再被人charge多一次。便宜的都是假货
Thanks For Reading! :D

raiting 3.5 / 5 


  1. Hi, have you tried Althea? It's my favourite and the shipping box is cute!!

  2. Agree!! I think testerkorea is the way cheaper. TK also has lot more variety product than StyleKorean. But right now stylekorean give free shipping to australia, I compared it is cheaper than TK with free shipping

    1. yea ^^ some of the stylekorean's items are cheaper than TK.
      Although TK's item also charge for weight (example, 10g they stated it 30g), but overall the price is still fair than Stylekorean.

  3. Tried Stylekorean and it took ages (20days) before I received my order. :D

    1. Usually my package took 2 weeks (cheapest mail), if there was no holiday. Stylekorean has really good clearance sales, but their items are still expensive than other site.