Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Be a smart korean cosmetic buyer in Malaysia and Singapore. Top korean cosmetic websites for Malaysia and Singapore TESTERKOREA short Review

Do not expect for fluent language :D

I believe many people like to buy cosmetics at Facebook, Instagram, Qxx1x, 11strxxt, Hermx, and other etc. Based on my experience,
I DO NOT prefer to buy from those sites because:

1.) Facebook, Instagram
-Many shops, cheap to expensive range. May be posting genuine products but end up you will got a fake products.
-Cheap items may be fake / not genuine / not authentic, USELESS.
-They can hide their bad reviews.
-Risky, might be a scam.
-Some popular product from US only cost around 30 MYR, but when comes to Malaysia cost 130 MYR. wtf Im not stating that products and seller. I saw many good reviews post from the owner, so I bought it and it cause me alot of side effects.

2.) Qoo1x, 11strxxt. (Im not stating their names.)
-I got attracted by their exclusive low price at first. But when I look at their review, some of them are FAKE. (You can see by notice that the way they comment and talk are same, the pictures they used are mostly same, and even more pity that the REAL customers posting a review of fake products they got from the seller.
-Some seems cheap. But are they even real?

You should understand why Korean cosmetics isn't cheap here.
Producer > agent > 1st Seller > 2nd Seller (Your local seller) > You
     5$      > 5.3$  > 8$     > 15$ (include shipping fee overseas and tax charges)

WHY NOT if we buy buy from 1st Seller?

I had been searching for Korean cosmetics websites, and I could not decide if TesterKorea or StyleKorean would be the best.
I found them almost had the lowest price, and good things is they have ecargo shipping, which is cheaper.
For TesterKorea's shipping is cheaper. But compare to the prices, sometimes registered small packets air mail 1-10 weeks are cheaper. But I had not try this. For me, e-cargo is pretty fast.
For StyleKorean, I order and maid a payment at 7 April 9pm, and they shipped at the next day afternoon. Quite fast!Although Stylekorean shipping is faster than Testerkorea, but their procducts are easily gained weight and expensive abit. Stylekorean do have clearance like, 3CE products original prices are 15 USD and they sold for 3 USD. Or stuff cost 12 USD they sold at 0.99 USD. Pretty cheap and but the products are going to expire in months. 
Like example:
1st time on testerkorea order:
I make an order and payment on January 27.
They ship my order at February 2 from Korea and emailed me.
And I receive my parcel at February 5. The postman even call my phone when he could not find my house USING HIS PHONE! :D The mail packaging is very secure and nice.

2nd time order on testerkorea:
Order and payment on February 28
They ship my order on March 4, and emailed to notice me. 
I got my parcel at March 10. 
(Which is slower.)
Overall, it's good :D
Although their goods are cheap, because some of their products are closer to expire dates.
Like I receive Holika Holika Pig Nose Blackhead Strip on March 10, 2016, the product expire on October.
(But doesn't matter cause Im using it soon haha)

SHIPPING FEES for Singapore:
TesterKorea (ecargo and Register small packet):
1 KG : 11.12 SGD
StyleKorean (cheapest Korea Post)
1 KG12.87 SGD

SHIPPING FEES for Malaysia:
TesterKorea (ecargo and Register small packet)
1 KG: 33-35 MYR
StyleKorean (ecargo only)
1 KG: 38 MYR

Both products:
Shipping fees are listed above, as you can see Testerkorea is cheaper.
But I discover that most of the products from Stylekorean is cheaper.
However, some brands like 3ce from Testerkorea is cheaper.
And food from Testerkorea is cheaper.
The best way to shop is shop from both site.

Stylekorean do not have some brand products, but Testerkorea does.
Testerkorea do not have some brand products, but Stylekorean does.
The best way to shop is shop from both site.

Testerkorea do reply emails. But need to wait for 3-5 days.
And remember don't look at Testerkorea's won price. Look at the USD price.
Both of these sites give away free samples.
(I rather wait for 10 days for cheaper and authentic products, not wait 1-3 to get a fake cheap / doubled priced products.)
And also, remember: Everytime when you are interested in a product, ALWAYS CHECK THE REVIEW FOR THE PRODUCTS to avoid waste.
Finally I can get cheap authentic genuine real korean cosmetics :D
Other rubyruby, roseroseshop, w2beauty, cosmetic-love, kpoptown or whatever I had look, and I still decide TesterKorea is the best :D
why? read my stylekorean review HERE
Thanks for reading :D
If you have any questions, email


  1. hi darling, have u tried althea? they're quite cheap & have clearance.
    I've got free too cool for school milk tint and it's just like the one you've describe REAL one. exactly the same like yours..

    1. althea is a not bad site if you wanted to buy heavy weight items (skin cares, items weight above 100g each) , for the free shippig above 23usd. But Viewtycos are good if you wanted to buy makeup, (light weight items)

  2. I saw Tose Rose Shop with its masks cheaper than usual. However, I can't find shipping to Malaysia.

  3. I saw Rose Rose Shop with its masks cheaper than usual. However, I can't find shipping to Malaysia.

    1. I believe there are shipping to malaysia. check clearly :)