Tuesday, 5 April 2016

BBIA Last Lip pencil 5 color Set 라스트 립 펜슬

 I will be doing review of BBIA Last Lip pencil 5 colour Set (라스트 립 펜슬)  today :D
Do not expect for fluent English language and sorry for my broken language /.\
 I bought this because I was looking for lip pencil set.
If you bought those individually, it cost 5.6 USD /MYR 22 per. (x5 = 28 USD / 110 MYR)
I bought this whole set for 19 USD++ / MYR 80 which was cheaper alot.

 Cute design on the pencil :D
 So cute how can you not love the bear? :3

The colour is very pigmented and matte.
The back view of the box.

For my dry lips it was abit dry so I had to apply lip balm.
#01 NANA (Cute)
#02 Mimi Love
#03 SHASHA (Chic)
#04 LALA (Hot) (Denger, lol not sure how they pronounce danger?)
 #05 JUJU (Sexy)

 Actual length of the product (it took me loooooong time to spin out)
 Back view of the pen.
I drip with water, 
 It doesn't even fade out abit.
 Sooooo I decided to use cotton swab and rub it.
The colour was still there, but #01 NANA (cute) fade out abit.

There's a sharpener end of the pen, 
How to sharpen:

However, yesterday before doing review of this product, I tried apply this product on my lip again, and it broke ._.
Then I discover the lid of this product is empty? O.O
Hmmm? weird?

This lip pencil is easy to apply, matte, and very pigmented. So it last really long.
However, it was too dry for my lips. 
I think there's better lip product than this. I bought this for fun and the cute packaging.
I haven't discover any fake / not authentic of this product. 
If you have any questions, please email: autumnqiu98@gmail.com

update on august 29 5:24pm
this product was not good applying on my lips. 
so I tried use it as my eye underliner.
and it works well!! o.o
I draw under my under eye liner, blend abit, and it wouldn't fade even I fell asleep. 
My country's weather is hot, even I sweat and my eyeliner faded but this would not fade. 

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