Tuesday, 5 April 2016

APIEU Skinny Waterproof Mascara 奥普极细防水防晕纤长卷翘睫毛膏어퓨 스키니 워터프루프 마스카라 컬링

I will be doing a review of Apieu Skinny Waterproof Mascara today :D
Conclusion: This was good for a natural looking eyebrow, but not mascara. 

 I bought this because less mascara are blue in colour and it looks sooo cuteeee. But...
It claims that it was waterproof and easy to apply?
It comes with two effect, which is curling and long lash (volume)
I choose the curling one.

It was really 'skinny' haha :p
If you look clearly at the top of the brush, you could see some fiber?
I bought it with 5.20 USD / 21 MYR

 It was really natural and waterproof! It's easy to apply under eye lashes. Good thing is this mascara dint make my lashes looks like fly's leg, and the tube wont get messed up.

I haven't discover any fake / not authentic of this product.
If you have any questions please email autumnqiu98@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading! :D

rating :3 / 5
update on june 16 2016
-this mascara was really natural, good for daily natural makeup.
-It doesn't hold my curls.
-no messed up in tube
-However, the mascara would smudge after hours even if i dont apply on under eye lashes
 -Makes me look like a panda. ( I did not rub and apply on lower eyelashes) I wouldn't recommend you to skip this mascara, HOWEVER, it was really good for eyebrow!!
-If you want 'naked face /no makeup face', this mascara is an ultimate hack to make you looks like you did nothing on your eyebrow, you are born natural with it!

---update on 13/september 2017-----

how to make it like its your natural eyebrow? (traveling with friends/ bf, want to fake naked eyebrow)

1.) firstly, shape your eyebrow and pluck out excessive
2.) Using apieu skinny waterproof mascara from downwards to upward on the start to the arch of your eyebrow, at the end of the eyebrow, apply it horizontally.
3.) After you make sure of the shape you want, here's a trick how to make it ULTIMATE NATURALLY: wash your face with just water. Yes water, just make sure you splash water on your eyebrow, then, your eyebrow would looks naturally like you are born with it!!!! Good way to avoid showing bare face to the people you dont want to see :D 

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