Monday, 18 April 2016

3 Concept Eyes Back to Baby BB Cream review

Today I'm going to talk about my favourite BB cream *-*
3 Concept Eyes Back to Baby BB Cream
I bought it with slightly expensive price with 8X MYR / 21 USD from Sephora during a trip to Singapore.
I found it lowest price at 17 USD.
STYLENANDA is also one of my favourite :D
Like the other 3CE products, inside of the package box is pink colour.
Seal :)
Ingredient contains. I don't even know what was it haha.
Back view. You can compare if yours are same with mine :)
For the texture, it looks creamy but actually not so. It doesn't cake and it's quite watery and moisturizing.
It give my face a 'glowing effect'. It looks natural and it matches my skin colour. :D
better than aprilskin cushion

I suggest using a sponge to apply. It will make a natural effect.
And now, 3CE have new 'Back to Baby' series such as base, moisture, and glow beam.

Doesn't appear grey tone
Not heavy / thick
Smells good

Abit pricey
Only one shade available

Overall: I'd like to give this BB cream 4.2/5 rating :D
Sadly it was only available in one shade.
You can create dewy look with a moisturizer. If you skin is oily, just apply some powder.
I would repurchase if I have the money haha.
I would like to try other BB cream too.

-----------------How to know if I bought a fake / not genuine one?---------------
 You bought with MYR 80? I only bought it with not over 10 MYR!
ha, you got the fake one.
Here are some sample pictures of fake one.
They cost around 9 MYR - 20 MYR (2.30 USD - 5.11 USD)

Look lovely huh?
This come in two shade :o
They look lovely but they are fake :P

9CM ++  It can use atleast 1-2 month if use daily.

Thanks for reading! :D
If you have any questions or suspecting you got fake products, email me:

update on 2016 June 16
-This BB cream looks natural and give a natural glow. But doesn't stay whole day on oily area. I use two layers to cover my dark eye circle WITHOUT powder or concealer, after hours it oxidize and makes my face horrible. Flaws like ance or scar or oily part should applied concealer and no sebum powder. However, so far this BB cream gave the most natural looks to me. At first it would looks very white, then it slowly become more natural.
update on feb 2017 7
I thought this could only last me for 1-2 months, Im wrong. I started to use this BB cream since 2016 July five times a week, with no sebum powder / prime primer powder, until now it is FEB 2017, I havent use finish yet. Using a puff will give more natural looks. If you are looking for a natural looks, use puff. If you wanted a full cover looks, use your fingers or brush. I applied powder on my face, however, the oily part like nose and under eye still could not last. Overall, I think this BB cream will works well on winter. However, I would not repurchase again because of the price. 

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